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Digital art has never been more popular, and Artivive is leading the way with its innovative augmented reality platform.

The app allows artists to create new dimensions of art, connecting with their audience in exciting and unique ways.

Whether you’re an artist looking for a new way to express yourself or a fan of digital art, Artivive is worth checking out.

What is Artivive, and what are its key features?

AR reality technology allows artists to create new dimensions of classical art with digital art and opens the doors to a whole New World of possibilities.

How can you use Artivive App to create digital art pieces that stand out from the rest?

I envision digital art and everyday use. The Artivive app takes your static piece of art and makes it come alive with the background to shift or change colors or have new elements come out from nowhere, which in the past, that static piece of art was all you got. Imagine a Digital Mona Lisa that reveals what is behind that smile.

What are some of the ways you can make money with Artivive's platform and toolsets?

With crypto being all the craze and NFT currently, the hardware is the only thing that stops this type of art and platforms from taking off. The Artivive App needs to go from an iPhone to something you would wear as a pair of glasses, and it would have to work as seamlessly as it does on the smartphone.  We are in, and it’s in infancy on the hardware, but the software is there. You can start working with Blender 3-D, Autodesk Maya Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Zbrush to make the AR elements to come alive. The list is pretty long, and the documentation is robust. This makes the learning curve and countless YouTube tutorials easy to pick up. In my opinion, the toolset that will be the hardest to grasp is having an imagination and using hardware and software together to make a ton of money.

Is Artivive paving the way for conventional art to whole new generation?

Your conventional artist will be able to connect with a whole new audience and capitalize on our obsession with Smartphones, NFTs, and the future meta-verse. The possibilities are endless with digital art. If you need more proof, I recommend logging in to Etsy’s website and doing searching for digital art.


My conclusion on the Artivive app and its approach to disrupting the art world and how it’s sold and displayed is a long time coming. And with more and more media and hardware updates, I think this is an excellent time to get started and maybe become the next Van Gogh of digital art for this century.