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The Sony a7c for new vloggers and content creators

If you’re a content creator who wants to take your production quality to the next level, then you need to read this blog post. Here we discuss the Sony A7C, a camera perfect for vloggers and content creators looking to up their game. With its mix of portability and power, the Sony a7C is perfect for anyone who wants to create high-quality videos without having to lug around a lot of heavy equipment. So if you’re ready to take your content creation skills to the next level, then read on!

The features of the Sony a7C 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Sony A7C is its sleek design. It’s small and lightweight, making it perfect for carrying around with you all day. But don’t let its size fool you – this camera packs a punch regarding features and performance.

The full-frame 24.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor is perfect for capturing high-quality images and videos. And with the BIONZ X image processor, you’ll be able to shoot continuously at 10 fps with full-time AF/AE. This means that you’ll never miss a moment when filming your videos.

  • 24MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor
  • Bionz X processor (same as in the a7 III)
  • ‘Real-time tracking’ AF system with human head, face, eye, and animal recognition
  • Oversampled 4K video at up to 30p, including 8-bit S-Log and HLG
  • Continuous bursts at up to 10 fps
  • Fully articulating 921k-dot touchscreen
  • 2.36M-dot EVF with 0.59x mag.
  • Mic and headphone sockets
  • Dual-band, 2.4 and 5Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Large ‘Z-type’ battery, rated to 740 shots per charge

What type of content creators should use the Sony a7C 

The Sony A7C is a great option for non techinical vloggers and content creators that does not want to be overwealmed features. With the flip-up screen makes it easy to framing yourself when recording video. The 4K video quality is excellent, and the autofocus system works well even in low light conditions. If you’re looking for a camera that will help you create high-quality video content, the Sony A7C is a great option.

How to set up your podcast studio with the Sony a7C 

If you’re looking to start a podcast, the Sony a7C is very user friendly. The built-in microphone is great quality and will pick up your voice clearly. You can also connect external microphones via the 3.5mm input. The camera records in stereo, so you’ll get nice, clear audio for your podcast.

To set up your podcast studio with the Sony a7C, you’ll need:

– A computer with editing software (like Adobe Audition)

– A podcast hosting platform (like Podbean or Captivate)

– A USB or Wireless microphone (optional)

1. Connect the Sony a7C to your computer using the USB cable.

2. Open your editing software and create a new project.

3. Import the audio files from the Sony a7C into your editing software.

4. Edit and Master your podcast episode.

5. Export your podcast episode as an MP3 file.

6. Upload your podcast episode to your podcast hosting platform.


The Sony A7C with its mix of power and portability, it’s perfect for anyone new to Vlogging or the podcast arena. The Sony a7C retails for $1,798.99.

What are you waiting for? Click here to your pick up a Sony a7C today!